This Website is all about IBSH school lunch, including the monthly menu, announcement and the ordering. If you have any question about the school lunch, please contact IBSH Sanitation Section
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Monday, August 26, 2019

School Lunch Order for 1st Semester of 2019~2020 Is Available From July 8 to August 26.

The school lunch order for 1st semester of 2019~2020 starts from July 8 and ends on August 26.  All the order will be NEW ORDER!  If you would like to have school lunch for the follwoing semester, please click the link on your right hand side and propose your order by August 26. 

You will receive a receipt and a confirmation letter after you submit your order form.  Please keep the receipt.  It contains a link for your to edit your information after you submit the google form.   You may need it when you know which homeroom your child will go to.  

Please e-mail Ms. Savannah, if you have any question about the school lunch!

Thank you!  

Have a great summer!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Note for ordering school lunch 訂購午餐注意事項

Note for ordering school lunch  訂購午餐注意事項

  1.  All the ordering is only available on-line, so that we can avoid any error of message transmission.
  2. Sanitation coordinator will send you an e-mail in 2 days to confirm your order (not including Saturday and Sunday).
  3. If you don't receive any e-mail from Sanitation coordinator in 2 days, please e-mail or call to Ms. Savannah (03-5777011 ex: 294).
    如果您在兩日內沒有收到任何確認信件,還請您來信至savannah@ibsh 或是來電至03-57777011(分機294)找李慧中老師詢問。
  4. The sanitation coordinator will make the payment slip and give it to your child in the 1st month of the semester.  Please pay the money after you get the payment slip. 
  5. The food-service company provide vegetarian meal with lunch box for vegetarians.
  6. If your child is allergic to certain food seriously, it is suggested that the parents prepare the lunch for the child.  The food-service company doesn't provide customized menu for particular individual.


Lunch Fee 午餐費用

  • NT$ 48/meal for each Grade 1~4 student 1~4年級學生:每人每餐48元
  • NT$ 53/meal for each Grade 5~12 student5~12年級學生:每人每餐53元  


The regulations of ordering and canceling school lunch.

  1.  The ordering for school lunch is for "entire semester". 
  2. All the ordering is for every school day.  The food-service company doesn't provide the options for students to choose certain school days to have school lunch.
  3. If you want to cancel the school lunch for the rest of the semester, please e-mail to sanitation coordinator 2 weeks before your cancellation. 
  4.  Any particular lunch cancellation should be proposed to sanitation Section 2 weeks before.  Please propose it as "entire grade" or "entire class".     The food-service company doesn't accept any individual cancellation for less than 3 days.
  5. If any individual needs to cancel school lunch temperately, the cancellation periods should be longer than 5 days.   Please propose the individual cancellation at least 2 weeks before.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

School Lunch Order for 2nd Semester of Year 2018~2019

The school lunch ordering/cancellation for 2nd semester starts from now until Friday, February, 2019. If the student has been still been on school lunch roster at the end of 1st semester, he/she will be on the 2nd-semester. Please check the tentative roster of 2nd-semester school lunch order by clicking the following link. 


If you want to cancel the school lunch or submit a new order, please click the link to the google form for more information. 
Please submit your application before 23:59. Friday, February 1, 2019.