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Monday, August 26, 2019

School Lunch Order for 1st Semester of 2019~2020 Is Available From July 8 to August 26.

The school lunch order for 1st semester of 2019~2020 starts from July 8 and ends on August 26.  All the order will be NEW ORDER!  If you would like to have school lunch for the follwoing semester, please click the link on your right hand side and propose your order by August 26. 

You will receive a receipt and a confirmation letter after you submit your order form.  Please keep the receipt.  It contains a link for your to edit your information after you submit the google form.   You may need it when you know which homeroom your child will go to.  

Please e-mail Ms. Savannah, if you have any question about the school lunch!

Thank you!  

Have a great summer!