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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

School Lunch Order for 1st Semester of 2017~2018

The school lunch order for new semester will be available from Tuesday, August 22 to 27.   

Please note that as long as you would like to have school lunch for new semester, you all have to submit your order, even though you had school lunch last semester.

Before you order the school lunch, please read the following information first.


Note for ordering school lunch  訂購午餐注意事項

  1. All the ordering is only available on-line, so that we can avoid any error of message transmission.午餐的訂購只接受線上訂購,以免資訊傳達中有錯誤。
  2. You will receive a confirmation mail from Sanitation Section right after you submit the order.  Please provide your valid e-mail address.  在您送出訂購資訊後,會立即收到來自雙語部衛生組的確認信,還請您在填寫訂購資訊時,提供正確可用的電子郵件信箱。
  3. If you don't receive any e-mail from Sanitation Section, please e-mail or call to Ms. Savannah (03-5777011 ex: 294). 如果您沒有收到任何確認信件,還請您來信至savannah@ibsh 或是來電至03-57777011(分機294)找李慧中老師詢問。
  4. The sanitation coordinator will make the payment slip and give it to your child in late September.  Please pay the money after you get the payment slip.  雙語部衛生組會在九月底製作繳費單,並將繳費單交給您的孩子,請您在收到繳費單之後再行繳費。
  5. The food-service company provide vegetarian meal with lunch box for vegetarians. 團膳公司有另外為素食者準備素食餐盒。
  6. If your child is allergic to certain food seriously, it is suggested that the parents prepare the lunch for the child.  The food-service company doesn't provide customized menu for particular individual. 如果您的孩子對特定食物有嚴重的過敏情形,建議家長自行為您的孩子準備午餐。團膳公司不為特定個人準備特定的午餐,造成不便,還請您見諒! 


Lunch Fee 午餐費用

NT$ 48/meal for each Grade 1~4 student   

NT$ 53/meal for each Grade 5~12 student


The regulations of ordering and canceling school lunch. 午餐訂餐及退訂相關規定
  1. The ordering for school lunch is for "entire semester".  學校團膳午餐的訂購皆是以「整學期」為單位。  
  2.  All the ordering is for every school day.  The food-service company doesn't provide the options for students to choose certain school days to have school lunch. 學校團膳星期一到星期五均有供餐,無法提供挑選特定日期之訂購選項。

  3. If you want to cancel the school lunch, please e-mail to sanitation coordinator.  The sanitation section will cancel your child's school lunch from the following Monday. 如果要退訂午餐,請E-MAIL給衛生組長,衛生組收到申請單之後,會於隔週週一開始取消午餐。
  4. Any particular lunch cancel should be proposed to sanitation Section 2 weeks before for refund.  Please propose it as "entire grade" or "entire class".     The food-service company doesn't accept any individual cancellation for less than a week.如需取消某一天午餐,都須以整年級或是整班為單位來取消,並請在兩星期前E-MAIL給衛生組長,供餐廠商不提供個人少於一個星期內的午餐取消申請。

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